Automatic tissue paper making machine

Our Tissue paper making machine is versatile and is capable of automatic tissue paper production. It is made with high quality base materials which are effective as well as efficient in their operation. The high class technology used in the production of a tissue paper making machine can offer consistent good quality at an amazing pace. This machine can help produce all types of tissue paper like single embossing tissue paper, double colour or double embossing or even plain tissue papers. The versatile production of tissue papers by our tissue paper making machine makes it a good choice for cost efficient production with consistent high quality. It has the basic dimension of 15 Ft x 4 ft x 6 ft which can run on a 230 volt voltage. It has high capacity as well and can produce up to 25,000 pieces per hour.

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What it do

There are many tissue paper makers in the market but only a few that can offer good quality. Our tissue paper making machine is one of those few tissue paper making machines that can offer consistent good quality with high precision every single time. It can make all types of tissue papers depending on your specific requirements. The high speed technology along with an automated system enables it to to make 25000 pieces of tissue papers every hour. It runs on 2 HP motors which rigorously work to offer consistent quality and keep the machine running. Single embossed, double embossed or even plain tissue papers, no matter what type of tissue paper you want to manufacture, it is all possible with our amazing tissue paper making machine.


You should choose our Tissue paper may machine (Fully automatic) because it can offer:

  • Simple and easy handling
  • High durability and long lasting operation
  • Fully automated functioning
  • High speed tissue paper production
  • Quiet and low noise during operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable and high return on investment

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