Medical Oxygen Generator

The desire of hospitals worldwide to generate their own medical oxygen on-site has grown over time. The best way to achieve that goal is by using the latest technology of Medical Oxygen Generator. IDC is the leading Medical Oxygen Generator Manufacturer that guarantees top-notch quality with all safety features and measures followed. Medical Oxygen Generators generate gaseous oxygen from compressed air on-site. This saves a lot of money and time of the hospitals which was otherwise wasted on oxygen cylinder or cryogenic liquid sources. Medical Oxygen Generators from IDC range in capacity from 0.4 to 150 m3/hour at 93-95 percent purity. They can work 24x7 perfectly and effectively. Each oxygen generator has an automated start and stop mechanism that adapts to the current power usage. Our medical oxygen generators come complete with various useful features like purity control, audio alerts, and so on.

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What it do

IDC’s Medical Oxygen Generator is great for generating oxygen on site. It is able to generate oxygen by separating nitrogen (n2) and oxygen (o2) from the outside air. Post this stage, the oxygen is cleaned, tested and regulated to be made usable. Other important steps like eliminating dust, regulating pressure and eradicating germs from the oxygen generated is very important for stable oxygen input. Our medical oxygen generator generates the best quality of oxygen that meets all medical requirements. Within just 30 minutes, all that needs to be done is to flip the start/stop button to get oxygen with the necessary flow capacity and purity. Depending on the specific requirements of the oxygen, users can use the features of our medical oxygen generator as well.


You should choose our Medical oxygen generator because it can offer:

  • Medical oxygen without oxygen cylinders
  • Onsite production of medical oxygen
  • High level oxygen purity in compliance with all medical requirements
  • Controlled oxygen pressure and levels
  • High return on investment

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