Application of this fabric in various fields:-

Polypropylene (PP) Spun bound Nonwoven Fabric is extensively applied to Garments, Shoes, and Bedroom products, clad and linning, sofa, decoration material, industry, medical care civil engineering waterproof material, travel product, motor vehicle products, agricultural protection products etc,

Hygiene Products:-

Operation clothes, exposure suit, disinfect cloth, respirator, diaper, duster cloth, wiping cloth, wet face cloth, Flexible towel roll, Hairdressing products, sanitary towel, pad and any other cloth for single use.

Household Products:-

Suit cover, knitwear cover, wardrobe cover, table cloth, other products include pillow slip, bedspread, car cover, cover for quilt, computer, air conditioner and fan cover etc.

Daily commodity products:-

Cloth sleeves, apron, sauna cloth etc,. common purpose bags like shopping bag quilt storage bag garbage bag etc.,

Industrial and Agricultural purpose:-

Roadbed cloth Dykes and dams cloth, Waterproof rolling fabric, covering cloth, car interior Decoration cloth, Filtering Material, oil absorption material etc.,

Garments and Shoes:-

Clad and Lining, shoes lapping cloth, shoes bag, shoes cover etc.,

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